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Our Philosophy

what distinguishes us

  • Scientific Research
  • A product line of few references with proven efficacy
  • The selection of the highest quality raw materials
  • Dermatologically tested products (Assessment of skin irritation potential: total absence of skin irritation in human tests based on the calculation of the Mean Irritation Index (MII) (UB-CARE spin off – University of Pavia)
  • The absence of unnecessary and potentially irritating/allergic active ingredients (e.g. parabens, silicone, mineral oils, etc.)
  • High quality of pharmaco-technical procedures

If you choose our products, you choose documented research.

If you choose research, you are really taking care of your skin.

You are investing in your future, we invest in research, for your future.

DermoKlothois a brand of NutriResearch, born from the experience in scientific research and in particular in molecular biology. It invests in research in several universities, helping with the development of scientific projects in Italy.

Its particular expertise in the pathophysiology of skin wounds repair and alterations in the repair process over the years, has led to the development of special amino acids blends that optimise the structure of dermis both when they are given as nutrients (food supplements), and when they are used as nutrients for the cells that control the synthesis of collagen and other structural molecules in the dermis, the layer of skin that lies beneath the epidermis, and which is the key to keeping skin intact.

These particular mixtures have proved, and there are a number of published works explaining their biological mechanisms, to maintain the regenerative capacity of the structure of collagen, elastin and fibronectin typical of young cells, increasing the efficiency of the fibroblast and prolonging its life.

Pochi ne parlano, ma Few people talk about it, but skin ageing is proportional to the number of generations of fibroblasts that are evoked by the stress to which skin is subjected. Therefore, the greater the number of generations induced by stress, the greater the skin ageing due to the lower efficiency that appears with the repeated succession of insults: infrared, ultraviolet, thermal shocks and repeated trauma (even just facial expression) are the most frequent stress mechanisms. But, there are products and therapies used to obtain immediate results (retinoids, ultrasound at heat-generating frequencies) that stimulate collagen-synthesis by increasing inflammation, causing reactions similar to those induced by wound repair.

We have studied these problems, we have indicated innovative solutions. In the reference book for the most up-to-date dermatologists, the Textbook of Aging Skin (ISBN-13: 978-3662473979), we were asked to explain these mechanisms obtained through this research. There are two chapters in which our scientific findings are explained:

“Aging Skin: Nourishing from Out-In – Lessons from Wound Healing”
Textbook of Aging Skin
DOI 10.1007/978-3-642-27814-3_136-1

Giovanni Corsetti, Vincenzo Flati, Evasio Pasini, Claudia Romano, Anna Rufo, Raimondo Pinna and Francesco S. Dioguardi

“Aging Skin: Nourishing from the Inside Out, Effects of Good Versus Poor Nitrogen Intake on Skin Health and Healing”.
Textbook of Aging Skin
DOI 10.1007/978-3-642-27814-3_135-1

Giovanni Corsetti, Vincenzo Flati, Evasio Pasini, Claudia Romano, Anna Rufo, Raimondo Pinna and Francesco S. Dioguardi

… We study these processes and update what we know continuously.